Inspirational Times...

by Anita Caldwell

How good it is to read about Captain Tom Moore, someone we don’t know but who has inspired us all. Seeing social media posts about his final lap Guard of Honour is quite emotional, the money he has already raised and including one post that depicted ghostly comrades in arms walking alongside him, raising memories of what people had to step-up to do in past World Wars.

We in comparison are asked to Work from Home, Stay in and observe Social Distancing rules!...and keep working as best we can, as we will come out of this….

Saying that it is absolutely humbling and inspiring knowing the bravery of people we do know, who are stepping up in their jobs on the NHS frontline, or as carers, or shop workers or all the other essential workers, that are ensuring our day to day lives aren’t changing too significantly regarding our health and safety and supplies. This includes many of our UK companies and contacts that are escalating and refocussing their production to contribute to essential COVID-19 relief supplies  – we thank you.

Even the smallest personal contributions we are all making is heart-warming and inspirational, so different to the selfish dog eat dog shopping rush we witnessed.  I want to flag praise to friends, family, work colleagues and contacts, who are using their special talents or normal work-skills to contribute to the overall relief effort in a quiet way, or who are helping keep ‘morale’ and positive happiness high on the agenda watching out for lonely or vulnerable people in their close  communities. Let’s hope this doesn’t change too much after this is all over – having the willingness to talk to people, to give something of yourself, your own time, and to show respect for other people.

It is inspirational to see all the creative ways groups of people are watching out for each other, including in business supply chains between valued clients, suppliers, and customers and in our communities or friendship groups. We are all ‘in the same boat’, although some, unfortunately, suffering more directly from effects of the Covid-19 situation in their families. The threats currently feel very close to home for all of us.

I hope in the next weeks to come we can keep celebrating on our doorsteps, and continue to be open and understanding to others situations,  be involved in some way to show care and kindness, be it through all the more inclusive ‘neighbourhood’ watch and communication channels, community front garden celebrations, doorstep ‘events’, charity contributions or on-line friendship and business communities etc.

We are seeing that a more caring (and commercial) work-life balance is essential, for all our well-being, our health, families and jobs all being interlinked to try and thrive, and hopefully, a fair(er), less selfish UK-wide society going forward, with a wider global appreciation of people too.              

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