From Photography to Radiography

by Karl Bradley

I’ve always had an interest in the science behind capturing an image. Whilst studying photography at Leeds College of Art I learned about the process and practice of how taking a photograph works. I also learned about the various career and business options available to me upon graduating. After my first year I realized that, for me, photography was more of a hobby than a career (more on that another time). It was also at university where I was introduced to my partner who currently studies radiography. We discuss both practices regularly and I am interested to hear examples of day-to-day cases and the similarities between photography and radiography.

Since joining RMG I am pleased that this intrigue has been taken a level further with our long heritage recruiting into the medical imaging space. Upon exploring this area further I found that the medical imaging market is currently worth $29.48 billion and it’s projected to reach $46.18 billion by 2024.

There are a number of major drivers for this market growth such as rising cancer rates (which are leading to a public awareness about the importance of early diagnosis), a growing geriatric population, increasing healthcare expenditure and the technological advancements in imaging procedures.

As well as the major players in the market such as Fujifilm, Canon and Philips, there are a plethora of smaller startup companies who are bringing innovative products to the market. An example is a Bristol based company called Micrima Ltd that RMG is pleased to have recently partnered with. They have developed a breast screening system that uses radio waves to detect breast cancer. It’s a product that requires no compression to the breast and has proven more effective than current imaging methods.

At RMG we are always looking to work with new and innovative companies as well as global leaders. After seeing the likes of Micrima contribute to the market, I’m now aware of the impact a smaller company can have on the industry. I’m looking forward to discovering other companies like this and further developing my knowledge of the industry.

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