Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

by Joshua Guest

The reputation of the care home industry has long been considered delicate.

With providers administering hugely varying levels of service, the small amount of suppliers who offer a more luxury option have had to endure the stereotype, and with recent reports from the CQC highlighting that the nations ‘quality of care is being placed in jeopardy by underfunding’; it would seem that this damaging generalisation shows no sign of disappearing.

However, as highlighted in a recent blog ‘Luxury Care Providers Capitalising on Lucrative Niche’, this small segment of the market is enjoying a particularly fruitful period, and with an unrivalled focus on quality and service, it is unfair to pigeon hole these suppliers with the industry’s more generic organisations.

The same can also be said of the recruitment industry.

With more recruitment agents in the UK than eateries, it can be difficult to discern the serious from the shocking. However, it is important not to judge a book by its cover, as there are providers out there, working tenaciously and professionally to uncover truly-talented individuals in a market littered with skill shortages.

At RMG we pride ourselves on our ability to retain clients and add value to their businesses over the long term. We have a very high repeat business rate and a number of our clients have worked with us since our inception.

So, if you are wondering where to turn for your next hire, please get in touch through any of my contact details.

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