Control the Controllables

by Joshua Guest

This week’s weather has certainly given the people of Britain a talking point.

With ‘death tolls rising’ and ’17-hour delays’, the so-called Beast from the East’s mid-air meeting with Storm Emma has seen the general public plunged into turmoil – wondering whether they will be sleeping in their own bed this evening or when their next loaf of bread or pint of milk will come.

It seems that everybody has been affected to some degree by the extreme weather that has swept the nation, and the recruitment industry is no different.

Organising interviews and coordinating peoples whereabouts is a complex exercise at the best of times and with planes, trains and automobiles rendered powerless it would seem that we, as well as the rest of the country, will simply have to wait it out. So far this week I have rescheduled one client meeting and three interviews due to adverse weather and whilst this is frustrating (these meetings of minds are how we move our businesses forward) it’s caused me to think in a slightly more philosophical manner than usual:

Firstly, my situation is not that bad. I write this blog in my warm office with a warm coffee. Last night I slept in a warm bed and travelled to work in my warm car. I have experienced minimal delay and discomfort (apart from defrosting my boiler outlet pipe!) and there are people across the country that have dealt with and continue to deal with far bigger issues.  Secondly, all my meetings and interviews have been rescheduled and the processes I am managing are moving forward and thirdly, I have been able to work on other parts of my business that are in my control. My call sheets are up to date, my administration is under control and my inbox is empty.

The point I am making is a simple one – sometimes things happen that are totally and utterly out of our control. It is pointless allowing these situations to affect our mindset. In business (as in all walks of life) it is important to focus on controlling the factors that are in our control – the rest will decide itself.

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