Embolotherapy Market Growth

by Chris Lewis

1230601265_tbe6em5m3dlmpn727n.JPGEmbolotherapy – the procedure to block blood flow to a tumour during surgery – is by no means a new technology in Oncological or Uterine Fibroids treatment. The method has been used for some years now and some leading vascular/radiology businesses have had some degree of Embolotherapy product in their portfolio.

With the recent news of Boston Scientific acquiring CeloNova, strengthening Boston’s position in this market, as well as other rumours of acquisitions and new products to be launched in 2016, why is it now that this somewhat stagnant market, is really taking off?

As recent as November, IMBiotechnologies Ltd (IMB) were the first to treat a patient with their patented OCL 500 in a study to treat 10 women with uterine fibroids. The aim of the study is to understand the short-term effects of this product on these patients. Where OCL 500 differs is that it is the first product for embolization that completely biodegrades in time. Current products on the market stay in a patient’s body for life, and though not clinically proven, it has been suggested that this could lead to complications in the future.

In the last 12 months, there have been some interesting developments in this market, including…

• BTG decided to end a long term distribution agreement with Terumo and sell their ‘DC Bead’ and ‘BeadBlock’ products directly

• Angiodynamics threw their hat into the ring with the acquisition of EmboMedics – giving them full clearance to sell and market the product once FDA approved

• Boston Scientific acquire CeloNova – a bid to become market leader in Embolotherapy

• Merit Medical release record figures for their growth in the US market with ‘Embosphere’

With these developments in 2015, it is clear that this market is one to watch, and with more research and trials developing in the UK, this US dominated market could soon develop a strong presence in our NHS.

With this potential rise there may come a need to identify and attract talent in the Embolotherapy market. We are perfectly placed to source and introduce the right talent for your business and I would be keen to understand your thoughts on the future of this market.

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