Chemical Industry Association Awards - Leeds, 15th June 2017

by Giles Hampson

Outlook – Challenges and Opportunities

Attending the Chemical Industry Awards last night against the backdrop of the current economic climate and political uncertainty was quite an eye opener.

As the Chief Executive Stephen Elliot put it, every successful economy has a successful chemical industry. The “strength” and “stability” upon which this industry prides its self is evidently going to be tested over the short to medium term as industry seeks to understand the landscape within which the UK’s long sought after Industrial Strategy will be delivered.

The event was held in Leeds, the birthplace of great British institutions such as Marks and Spencer and Sooty and Sweep, but one that has thrived in the uncertainty of the last decade, with the economic output of the region bettering those of NINE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES (who needs the EU anyway?!) including a £7billion manufacturing sector and a whopping £13billion professional services industry.

Was the evening a success??

RMG were shortlisted for the National award of “Service Provider of the year”, that’s 3 shortlists and 1 award in the last 18  months, a true reflection of our growth in the chemicals market, led by our Principal Consultant Anita Caldwell.

What struck me most was the great potential for further growth and success with a strong eye on the “next generation”.  The young ambassador award was again greatly contested and we were lucky enough to be on the CIEC sponsors table (Centre for Industry Education) – an institute spin out of York University that is doing remarkable well in energising the youth of today to become tomorrow’s leaders in the chemical world.  Couple this with the powerhouses of BASF and Johnson Matthey and the exciting entrepreneurial flair of businesses like Victrex and Vertellus, despite the uncertainty of the political landscape; one can count on our industry to continue to “get on with it”.

Once again a very enjoyable evening and thank you to those who made it possible.

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