Autumn to New Year timescale

by Anita Caldwell

Driving down the motorway yesterday with the overhead signs flashing for Haulage Drivers to be aware that they ‘may need’ new documentation at the end of October, was a demoralising sight to see. The fact that a lack of plan at this late stage is so up in the air for our industry, I personally find absolutely unbelievable. I wonder how companies are seriously planning against this uncertainty and what a waste of effort regarding plans for alternative scenarios.

Regarding skills and talented people, there may be uncertainty, but key appointments or replacements are still needing to be filled. The uncertainty must end soon one way or another and will allow for more positive one-directional goals.   

As executive search consultants we, at RMG, have chosen through substantial years’ of experience and knowledge to work in a planned project manner for our clients. Our clients are companies that respect the fact that securing exceptional people is an investment rather than a cost to their business.

Some hiring managers don’t know why a retained campaign can benefit them and the advantages of taking this route, or are just scared off by the upfront investment of the engagement fee  (which in essence, is committing to work with a partner you have chosen and trust to do you a good job.) The upfront investment pays for all the dedicated work that is necessary if you really want to be serious about recruiting ‘the right’ person first time. It allows you to consider both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ candidates (in secure roles) and to give your best brand impression in the market to candidates; to source, attract and secure the best person for your role.

If you are looking to have a key person start with you in the New Year 2020, this is the time to start talking to us and for you to take a planned approach, that we have proven works for 25 years.

If you ever wish to generally discuss the benefits and advantages of using a well-managed retained campaign route to conclude an individual vacancy, or you are currently considering needing to try a ‘different way to conclude a ‘difficult’ vacancy, then please know we will be happy to talk this through with you, no strings attached. We are proud of our process and track record, knowing that we can deliver for our clients.  

We hope to help you, to save you time and money (as a starter on benefits!) and by allowing you to take a more controlled, planned approach to your recruitment need, with a delivered outcome.

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