Adapting To The Times?

by Anita Caldwell

I know we shouldn’t talk politics, Brexit etc…..but, how are you left feeling two years down the line?

Do you also feel like the whole business world has been turned on its head, especially hearing the news again recently now about the US decision and Brexit yet to be concluded…how is the change affecting you? 

It has clearly affected businesses in different ways.

Are you one of the ones ‘getting on with it’, still being cautious in case and wondering how the final outcome will impact your business or one of the company’s been making hay with the effects of the exchange rate, or one’s surging ahead with investment and growth, thankfully, in this ‘brave new world’.

Related to our own business activities, we are always interested in hearing how this is affecting your own teams and talent acquisition plans, now and for the foreseeable future.

Again, we have seen a split in the market, with companies deciding to batten down on costs and sitting tight, most likely needing to recruit if they get a shock resignation or retirement succession, or businesses investing in growth and development and needing to compete in the market for ‘quality, highest calibre skills’. The market appears to be buoyant with many ‘candidates’ accessible or visible in the market, (some lightly playing the game and flattered if approached), due to social media and prominent advertised websites and this has led to many major companies using their own in-house talent teams.  It seems like there’s a multitude of people out there, but if you are recruiting, you will know that exceptional people are still hard to find.

The truth is there are skills shortages of the best qualified experienced people in different functions, and excellent candidates are being retained by their own companies and many not ‘openly’ be seen as active in the market. Retained search services (true headhunting) suits this market climate; RMG has operated successfully in this field of recruitment for over 23 years, (and through many economic climates.)

We help you dig much deeper to find the candidates who are looking for ‘the right career move’ to match your brief and culture, people who are most likely successfully achieving in their current roles. These candidates need to be sought-out, attracted and secured. Our proven search approach is paying dividends for our growth clients, ones investing in finding ‘the’ outstanding person to join their team. Alternatively, we are helping companies who are finding it difficult to conclude certain roles after using a ‘database’ or unsuccessful in-house approach. We offer you the dedication and the expertise needed to commit our time (rather than your own) to get you to a successful conclusion.

If any of this is ringing bells for you? Sounds like we could help you, so please feel free to call us on 01928 711800 for an initial conversation, we’d be pleased to help you.

It would be interesting to know, would people vote the same if given the chance again, but that’s just my musing!

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