A Week Of Work Experience - Ellie Wright

by Chris Bate

For the past week I have taken part in a work experience placement here at RMG. It has been incredibly interesting to learn about the recruitment industry. I thought I'd hit the keyboard and share how my week went.

I've had many opportunities this week, including:

The RMG team are very welcoming and lovely. Coming to work here this week was incredibly nerve-racking at first but after meeting everyone I felt very welcomed and comfortable. The whole team is very easy to get along with. Overall, the RMG team is a group of people I will always remember for making my work experience as easy, full of learning and interesting.

It was lovely to see the amount of support and advice the team give each other. The team have meetings at the end of each day to discuss what targets they have achieved throughout the day and plan targets for the next day. It was great to see the targets each member had set and how they completed them.                 

In summary, this week with the RMG team has been an amazing learning experience, I have picked up many new skills throughout the week and I feel a lot more confident about working within a business.

During the week Ellie was under the supervision of Chris Bate, Key Account Consultant who said "Ellie clearly enjoyed her time this week with the RMG team and has thrown herself into every task that we had planned for her. The purpose of the week has been to provide an insight into the recruitment industry as well as the broader business world and provide as much learning as possible that she can utilise in future."

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