2020 - Going out with a bang

by Giles Hampson

As the CEO of a specialist Headhunting business, and also conscious of the hardship suffered by many in not so fortunate sectors, I feel compelled to make the case that the end of 2020 offers far more to be excited about than to be feared.

It is fair to say that RMG, along with every company in the world, started 2020 with a different set of plans to those that we find ourselves in as we approach year-end.

Everything was going fine, but then of course March hit us…

After a short spell of hiring companies having the pick of readily available high-calibre talent, we witnessed rapid expansion in the hiring market over the summer which resulted in the availability of more good jobs for good people. We also saw a faster return than predicted to normal markets in the healthcare space, echoed by employment rates in the broader economy recovering far quicker than anticipated.

In returning to my case in point, the health, life sciences and chemicals markets were not only buoyed in the short term by increasing investor interest in sustainable and resilient markets such as these, but also the wider inspiration these sectors evoked. Scientists from across the globe have captured the imagination of the young and talented creating antibody tests and vaccines in record timescales and pushing the boundaries of what “rapid result testing” means which has been outstanding.

The shock of 2020 may indeed sustain interest in the sectors for decades to come, in a similar fashion to the first Apollo missions in the 1960’s which produced a generation or more of interest in space exploration as a career ambition. Let’s hope that this pandemic will inspire a generation to be motivated by scientific discovery in the same way.

On behalf of RMG I would like to place on record our gratification for the clients of 2020 who “helped us when we needed them” in Lockdown 1.0 to sustain our full service offering and avoid the service degradation of utilising the furlough scheme. We hope that as a result you saw the exemplary and uninterrupted service that RMG prides itself on providing in tough markets.

Looking forward, many companies have sharpened their strategies for 2021 so the overall outlook for the sector is positive. In closing, I wish you all and your families a safe and Merry Christmas, and we look forward to an exciting 2021.

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