Looking to gain access to the very best talent in the market?

Are you supporting your internal succession planning with external Talent Mapping?


What is Talent Mapping?

It is a strategic tool which helps Boards and HR specialists in planning long term talent acquisition strategies by providing ongoing research and intelligence about other organisations in the same industry.

Most companies have some level of succession planning model, allowing for the identification of future leaders and the recognition of where talent gaps lie.  However, these models rarely go any further than answering the question “is our marketing manager ready for a seat in the boardroom?”  As such, when recruitment needs arise, there can be a flurry of activity with a focus on trying to simply fill the job, rather than addressing strategic talent acquisition.

Over the longer term, a strategy can be executed to raise your company’s profile and increase your chances of bringing the absolute best candidates to your business, not just the best available

In summary, it is an innovative solution for forward thinking organisations who wish to make more informed recruitment decisions. A mechanism to bolster your own internal succession planning activities by identifying who are the talented individuals within your competitor organisations, and to find out through intelligence and by making discreet contact, whether they would be likely to join your organisation. This will give you the competitive advantage you need at a time when there are severe skill shortages in your sector.

What RMG can do for you

RMG will identify competitor structures, reporting lines and roles of responsibility, capturing information about a key individuals experience, track record of success, skills, academic background, hygiene factors such as package, and most importantly what are the factors which would affect their desire to consider joining your organisation.  By building this intelligence over a sustained period of time and presenting detailed reports back to you, so you can;

•   Compliment  internal succession plans with the likely availability of external talent

•   Speed up their recruitment process

•   Make more informed recruitment decisions based on the talent in the market

•   Reduce recruitment spend and improve your return on investment

•   Gain valuable insight into competitor structure and strategy


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