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Posted on by Donna Lund
Black Friday

Black Friday is a daily news feature now; ASDA have just announced they are NOT going to take part (at least on a store level). Results last year highlighted that Black Friday promotions actually damaged ASDA’s trading rather than bolstering it. Running loss leading promotions to get customers into the stores had a negative effect

Posted on by Samantha McManus
Image courtesy of suphakit73 at

Retention before Recruitment Holding on to your best people is a challenge facing many businesses. Many employees have literally been ‘sitting out’ the recession, however, at some stage or other your best people may just begin to take a look for their next opportunity, and guess what, your competitors are in a predatory mood. One

Posted on by Donna Lund

With recent research estimating that the average cost of a mis-hire* can be up to six times the base salary for a sales rep, 15 times the base salary for a manager, and staggeringly up to 27 times the base salary for a senior executive, are you investing sufficient time in your recruitment process? Whilst

Posted on by Donna Lund

If you are building a house there are many factors you would take into consideration and location would be top of the list. You’d then break this down by local influences such as city centre, rural location, price, shops, schools, commute and the local pub. Only by balancing your key drivers will you find the

Posted on by Donna Lund

It was disappointing to read a recent ‘Recruiter’ article that NHS Trusts have been warned not to rely on recruitment agencies to carry out the required checks. Our clients can and should know that we rigorously check essential qualifications, identification and the right to work in the UK. The recent article says “not to rely on recruiters”,

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