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- Giles Hampson, Business Manager The team at RMG have been having a bit of fun making videos this week. So have a look at our meet the team page to see our efforts. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


RMG are in Medilink North West’s Autumn newsletter as new members on page 2, and on page 7 offering our services in this period of growth for many healthcare and lifescience businesses. Get the latest copy here - http://bit.ly/1qroaEb Contact Lucy Ramsbottom on 01928 711800, or lucy.ramsbottom@rmg-uk.com for more information.  


Written by Oliver Duke Have you ever played ‘blind darts’? You probably have, but you might not have realised it… Let me explain! If you have ever had a vacancy and engaged the services of recruitment agencies to source candidates for the role, that is when you played ‘blind darts’. You play by giving the


One of the key differentiators of the recent recession over all others was that UK employment remained unprecedentedly high, furthermore, there are now 1 million more people employed than there were just five years ago, with the UK economy now employing nearly 33 million people. There have been month on month increases in employment for


Ready, Take Aim………Fire! Richard Croft – Practice Head Industry and Commerce A recent training session clarified something I already kind of knew but had never seen illustrated so succinctly. Psychologist William Moulton Marston, expanding on his DISC theory which underpins McQuaig psychometric profiling, shows us how Levels 1, 2 & 3 need to be given

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