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Are you a premium price-point product or service provider to the NHS? If so, you will understand the challenges highlighted in Channel 4’s £2bn a week and counting (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/nhs-2-billion-a-week-counting/episode-guide). It can be difficult to justify your value through the Health Economics debate, highlighting greater initial investment for longer term savings and greater patient outcomes. RMG


Jill Evans, Coaching & HR Services Director – RMG   Debbie Hance who is Head of Business Psychology at Talent Management Software poses the question in a recent HR magazine “Is Line Management bias holding back your talent“? – See more at: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/features/1149377/line-management-bias-holding-talent#sthash.JQqbgsqM.dpuf As an HR Director who has worked in several sectors, one of


By Richard Croft It took us a while to get here but common parlance in 2015 for the way in which we refer to the people who work in our business is…………Talent.  And rightly so. Prior to this the terminology used i.e. people, personnel, staff etc. failed to convey an important and costly component to


So, you’ve been through a rigorous recruitment process, conducting all the necessary assessments and due diligence on prospective candidates. You’ve arrived at your star candidate and offer them the role, and everyone lives happily ever after… Suddenly you find your star candidate has accepted another offer, or heaven forbid has accepted a counter offer from

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A range of organisations and businesses actively growing the life science industry across the UK were highlighted in The Times yesterday (Thursday 22nd January, 2015).  The winners of the 2013 Bionow Awards were highlighted, along with the Northern Health Science Alliance, Bionow, BioCity, BioHub, the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network, Spark Impact, and Alderyley

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