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  A client once said to me he wasn’t looking for a candidate ‘’like a horse that you constantly have to pull up the hill”, but one that runs with you. Likewise for the recruitment partner you choose. You want one that runs with you and is your partner, not one that falters if the

general election

NHS and the Election As May 7th draws near we watch and listen to the pledges and manifesto’s paraded in front of us by the main parties.  Those of us connected with the NHS are waiting to see how the outcome of the election will affect us. With the manifesto’s now released we have some


 “A biosimilar (also known as follow-on biologic or subsequent entry biologic) is a biologic medical product which is copy of an original product that is manufactured by a different company.” Quick facts; Citigroup analyst Andrew Baum predicted this month that biosimilars would result in at least $110 billion of value being transferred from innovator companies

Chemical plant at sunrise

‘Recognition’ – the icing on the cake Having attended the Chemicals NW Awards dinner last week, the over-riding impression left for me, was the ‘power of recognition’.  The hard work would have taken place anyway by all the winners and finalists, even if the awards didn’t exist, but it is the icing on the cake,


3D printing is over 30 years old, yet we have seen an increased expansion and interest in the market recently, with 3D printing looking to herald a new wave of manufacture, one which will have a huge impact on the medical industry. This week there has been a new revolution within the rapidly growing and

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