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With recent research estimating that the average cost of a mis-hire* can be up to six times the base salary for a sales rep, 15 times the base salary for a manager, and staggeringly up to 27 times the base salary for a senior executive, are you investing sufficient time in your recruitment process? Whilst

For the first time in Britain’s history, people over the age of 65 are outnumbering those under 16. These ‘Post War Baby Boomers’ have enjoyed vast advances in preventative healthcare and medicine, and as a result are living much longer than previous generations. One consequence of this has been a consecutive increase in the number

Look at recruitment at preventative medicine

A leading healthcare client was recently outlining their latest marketing campaign. The essence of the service focussed on 3 core provisions for their clients; a healthy fitness and diet plan, treatment of illnesses/conditions as they occur and a robust rehabilitation plan post illness. Therefore, as a client you are entering a partnership to ensure you

Taking on a high volume of contracts at a price level that undermines the ability to deliver quality has caused the collapse of many established companies in recent years. This can be caused by a lack of synergies between the sales and operational teams but more often than not it is bullish behaviour. Whilst I

…but recruitment is about people. In an active recruitment market, skills shortages naturally come to the fore. Recruitment campaigns can sometimes take longer to complete than you expected and this can be down to: • Shortage of skills in the market • The difficulty to ‘find an ideal needle in a haystack’ • The timetable

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