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Retention before Recruitment Holding on to your best people is a challenge facing many businesses. Many employees have literally been ‘sitting out’ the recession, however, at some stage or other your best people may just begin to take a look for their next opportunity, and guess what, your competitors are in a predatory mood. One

The rise of counter offers

So, you’ve been through a rigorous recruitment process, conducting all the necessary assessments and due diligence on prospective candidates. You’ve arrived at your star candidate and offer them the role, and everyone lives happily ever after. Suddenly you find your star candidate has accepted another offer, or heaven forbid has accepted a counter offer from

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Let’s work backwards from your ideal start date of 2nd January 2016 Now consider a candidates notice period – 3 months? 1 month? Consider your internal process – how many interviews, the diaries of those involved, time to sort out offers and contracts Next your headhunters process (approximately 4-5 weeks for the identification, engagement and

RMG asked a selection of experienced professionals their opinions about going to university. 100% concluded that going to university has benefited them in their current roles, even if they haven’t used their direct academic learning. The benefit of being ‘eligible’ to apply for a role in the first place to get on the ladder, or

Many would say that the market for AAA repair in the UK is significantly behind the rest of the World, with both the US and Japanese markets moving at a much quicker rate. With the market predicted to be worth $1.9b by 2020, what piece of the pie does the UK have in this field?

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