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Recruitment Process


Every assignment and recruitment process begins with an initial face to face briefing to discuss exactly what you wish to achieve, your business environment, culture, values, priorities and any other issues which may affect the assignment. It is at this stage that our experienced consultants use their significant sector expertise to challenge your brief to ensure you have considered all of the critical factors.


Following initial briefing, a formal proposal and an Agreement to Commence document will be submitted. These will outline our understanding of your requirement, our suggested recruitment strategy and also the associated timescales and costs.

Assignment Specification

Once we have consulted with you and agreed upon the appropriate recruitment strategy, we will draw up a comprehensive assignment brief for your approval. This document will describe in detail the company, role, objectives and key challenges of the position together with a summary of the experience, competencies and qualifications the successful candidate must be capable of demonstrating. This document acts as the anchor point throughout the recruitment process and ensures all parties are working towards the same common goal.

Search Identification

Having defined your selection criteria our consultants and research team will utilise their specific sector knowledge to generate a target list of companies where they feel the correct candidates will be found. Once you have approved the list (you may have non solicitation or similar agreements in place) we will begin to identify the appropriate individuals, always mindful that job titles are no guarantee of competence!


Our consultants make confidential approaches to begin the engagement and selection process. We understand that it is imperative to correctly position the opportunity right from the start; this ensures we build trusting relationships with the candidates and can therefore act as confidants during the process.

Advertising Led Selection Draft Advert / Book Space

We liaise with you to develop eye catching and informative campaigns, ensuring confidentiality, or if it is a branded campaign, that the key messages are in line with your corporate branding. Given the volume of advertising we undertake we are often able to negotiate preferential rates which we will pass on to you.

Advertising can be highly effective where your brief is quite wide and can also contribute positively to your overall PR strategy.


We ensure that all candidates go through the same rigorous selection process to guarantee consistency of the final shortlist. Central to the selection process is a face to face competency interview, the framework of which is generated from the assignment brief, this is also presented to all candidates. Along with validating candidates’ identification, references, qualifications and visas (if required), we will also seek to gain informal external views to enhance our knowledge of their achievements and track record. If required we also have the ability to utilise a broad range of assessment tools to assess a variety of factors including personality and aptitude.


Our detailed feedback and assessment of each shortlisted candidate will allow you to effectively begin your internal recruitment process at a second interview stage. Every candidate presented as part of the final shortlist is exclusively yours and will not be represented by RMG with any other clients.


Once you have selected your preferred candidate our consultants are on hand to participate in any negotiations and also support the candidate through the resignation process. Unsuccessful candidates are promptly and constructively given feedback to ensure they leave the process with a positive experience.


Many recruitment organisations believe that once a candidate has accepted and joined the employer the process is complete. For us this is merely the beginning, we fully understand that the true value bought by talented individuals comes with time, we therefore remain engaged with both parties to ensure the initial objectives are achieved and that a long term trusted partnership is developed.



"Giles was very knowledgeable about the company and also what they were looking for. He was supportive and understood my needs and what it was that I was looking for. He was also very accommodating with interviews times and planning around a busy schedule."

SG – Candidate

With a refreshingly honest and straightforward approach, RMG quickly identified a credible shortlist against a tight brief & the role was successfully filled.


Head of Sales & Marketing – Magnesium Elektron
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